SACC welcomes Rachel Lake to the Alto section!

SACC is delighted to welcome a new Alto to the roster: Rachel Lake!  Rachel will be joining us for this weekend's Psalms in Song concert!

Tell us about yourself, Rachel!
I was born overseas in The Netherlands and my family moved to Houston when I was very young. I came to San Antonio to attend Trinity University and received a double major in Business and Music. I loved San Antonio so much that I decided to stay for good! I work in data analytics full-time and I’m also an alto section leader at First Presbyterian Church downtown. I’m also a bit of a crazy cat lady, so there’s that.
Do you play any other instruments?
I’ve taken several years of piano lessons, and I can get by on the guitar and the ukulele. I even picked up the violin for a year in college (a very humbling experience, that one- major props to violinists).

What's your most valuable lesson you ever learned in voice lessons or choir?
For choir, it’s all about the ensemble as a whole. You can have a group full of incredible individual soloists, but the greatest choirs also have impeccable blending, and not one voice sticks out. Choral singing really is a team sport.

What's your favorite singing tradition?
My dad and sister are singers as well, so we’ll randomly start harmonizing with each other--my sister as soprano, myself as alto, and my dad as tenor. We’re pretty good at it!

What's your proudest musical moment?
Well, the most recent was my first rehearsal with SACC. I was so energized afterward. I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to sing with such great singers and a great director.

What's you favorite guilty musical pleasure?
Singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs when I’m by myself….

Do you have any other passions or hidden talents?
I love being active, especially outdoors.  I completed a half marathon and two full marathons in the last year.
Run, Rachel, Run!
What's your dream venue to perform at?
I’m really in to jazz music, so Jazz TX would be tons of fun.

Don't forget to see Rachel in person this weekend at our Psalms in Song concert, Saturday the 20th at 7:30pm at the Basilica of the Little Flower and Sunday the 21st at 3pm at First Baptist Church!


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