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SACC welcomes Rachel Lake to the Alto section!

SACC is delighted to welcome a new Alto to the roster: Rachel Lake!  Rachel will be joining us for this weekend's Psalms in Song concert ! Tell us about yourself, Rachel! I was born overseas in The Netherlands and my family moved to Houston when I was very young. I came to San Antonio to attend Trinity University and received a double major in Business and Music. I loved San Antonio so much that I decided to stay for good! I work in data analytics full-time and I’m also an alto section leader at First Presbyterian Church downtown. I’m also a bit of a crazy cat lady, so there’s that. Do you play any other instruments? I’ve taken several years of piano lessons, and I can get by on the guitar and the ukulele. I even picked up the violin for a year in college (a very humbling experience, that one- major props to violinists). What's your most valuable lesson you ever learned in voice lessons or choir? For choir, it’s all about the ensemble as a whole. You can have

Anna Osterman is the Soprano in the Spotlight today!

Anna Osterman, Soprano, has sung with SACC for 4 seasons and we're thrilled to be able to welcome her again for both our "A Spiritual Awakening" concert TODAY Saturday Jan. 13 and our "Psalms in Song" concert next weekend! Tell us about yourself, Anna! I am a San Antonio native and  have loved music for as long as I can remember!   I come from a musical family as well--my dad was an all state trumpet player and my mom plays the piano beautifully! Choir was always my niche (I’m not coordinated enough for most instruments!).   I went to high school in Northside ISD where  I was a 3-year all-stater, was involved in musicals, and helped with an elementary honor choir.  I also sang for my church; I basically did anything that came my way!   I graduated from O’Connor High School in 2005 and from there braved the West Texas winds to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  At Tech I was a member of the University Choir which provided many opport

We're shining the spotlight on Jennifer Quintero!

SACC is so lucky to have Jennifer Quintero joining us for both our "A Spiritual Awakening" concert this Saturday AND our "Psalms in Song" concert next weekend! Tell us about yourself, Jen! I was born and raised in San Antonio and currently live in Austin.  I went to The University of Texas at San Antonio for my Bachelor of Arts in Music Marketing and completed a year of graduate work at The University of North Texas. During the day, I work as the Manager of Volunteers for  Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services , a multi-state agency that helps children and families in need.  I also run my own side business as an Herbalife wellness Coach and Distributor.  In addition to performing, my health and fitness are a big focus for me, especially when I get to help others. I'm a mezzo-soprano and I've recently been in such opera roles as the Third Flower in Daniel Cat├ín’s  La Hija de Rappaccini  and Dorabella in Mozart's  Cosi fan Tutti  with Ala

3, 2, 1! Three chances to hear SACC, two weekends of music, and one opportunity to sing with us!

The San Antonio Chamber Choir is busy, busy, busy preparing two different concerts for the next two successive weekends!  There's something for everyone!!   A Spiritual Awakening Saturday, Jan. 13 7:30pm San Fernando Cathedral This FREE one-hour concert is in collaboration with San Antonio's DreamWeek , the mission of which  is to advance the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other great humanitarians like him by proliferating and modernizing their aspirations of a more equitable and enlightened society for all.  SACC will be singing some of the most beloved spirituals of all time with arrangements by Moses Hogan, William Dawson, Hall Johnson, Stacey Gibbs, and more! Here's our tenors and basses putting some finishing touches on William Dawson's "Soon Ah Will Be Done" A Chance to Sing with SACC! If you've ever wanted to sing along with SACC, here's your chance!  We are inviting any choral singers out there to form the Gr