Announcing the Alamo City Street Choir!

The San Antonio Chamber Choir is excited to announce our new community connection program and affiliate ensemble – the Alamo City Street Choir. Together in partnership with Corazon Ministries, we honor the voices of the city's most vulnerable population. The mission of our new choir will be to offer an artistic outlet to those experiencing homelessness and the severely disadvantaged. This dynamic ensemble will meet weekly and have their debut performance in the fall, details announced soon.

As we enter our 15th Anniversary Season, we are thrilled with the progress and growth we have seen and we're so excited to be able to serve more San Antonians. With your support, we look forward to reaching new heights in the coming years. We are already well on our way to getting the Alamo City Street Choir up and running, having raised over $10,000 of our $20,000 fundraising goal. Your generous donation will allow us to give San Antonio's neediest citizens the gift of music and a stronger connection to our community.

We truly believe that the power of voices singing together lifts the human spirit through times of adversity. With your support, SACC will work tirelessly to enrich the lives of these deserving people and to improve society's perception of those experiencing homelessness. Please look deep into your heart to help the Alamo City Street Choir start changing lives.  Thank you!


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